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June 25, 2024

Survive A Loss

Coping with Grief@2x

Desired Program Outcome:

Individuals will feel supported and equipped to cope with loss and manage their emotions effectively. They will build resilience, find new purpose, and foster healthy family dynamics, ultimately promoting healing and personal growth through their journey of grief.

Program Objectives:

TaskHuman’s Life Events Coaching aims to support individuals experiencing or preparing for a loss by helping them manage grief, practice self-care, and navigate life transitions. Our programs emphasize being present, finding purpose, and maintaining healthy family relationships during this difficult time.

Program Audience:

This Program is designed for the the following persona(s):

  • All Users

  • Specifically those experiencing or preparing for a loss

Program Overview:

TaskHuman’s Life Events Coaching is dedicated to supporting employees during significant life transitions, fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture. Our coaching programs are tailored to address specific life events, ensuring employees receive the guidance and support they need to navigate these events successfully.

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