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September 22, 2021

Great Advice for Your “New Normal”

great advice for your new normal

Social restrictions are easing in many places and people are starting to get together in larger groups. But that doesn’t mean there are no worries and everything is easy. In fact, reduced restrictions means more anxiety and nervousness for many people.

Transition can be hard, no matter what we’re transitioning to or from. TaskHuman coaches understand this idea and have advice for how to make your shift back into a more open society easier.

1. Target Your Focus

If you’re excited to return to a more open society, then you’ll probably see a lot of the positives of the changes. If you’re anxious about easing restrictions, you’ll probably see the negatives. And that’s ok. You just need to understand that’s how your brain works.

Listen to Coach Gene Altidor explain:

If you want to feel more positive about the current situation, you need to focus on the good things about it. It doesn’t mean you’re ignoring concerns—you’re just not giving them as much power.

2. Reflect on the Change

The last year and a half has changed us. Expecting to go back into a more open society the way we were before doesn’t serve us. We need to understand how we’ve changed and use our changes to bring our new (and probably better) selves to our communities.

Coach Anita Steele explains:

Without reflecting and understanding how we’ve changed, we do a disservice to the work we’ve done.

3. Get Support

Knowing your feelings about ending restrictions is an important part of the process. You also need to make changes to your plans that incorporate those feelings. And through all of this, it would be helpful for you to have a strong support system in place. Knowing you have people you can rely on to challenge you to stay on track will help you make progress toward your goals.

Listen to Coach Regina De Los Reyes explain:

A coach you connect with will help you push through your barriers in ways that honor your boundaries. Through consistent 1:1 connection, they’ll know what you as an individual need—and when.

4. Build Habits

You can use the transition back into society as a time to create and build new habits. Because you’re already doing something “new,” it might be easier for you to implement changes and make your habits and routines better.

For example, if in the past you struggled to set boundaries with some of your friends, you could use getting to go out with them now to practice your boundaries without feeling like you’re making a sudden shift.

Listen to Coach Carolyn Simon explain:

Building good habits that help you take care of your emotional wellbeing will benefit you beyond the easing of these current pandemic restrictions.

5. Be Respectful

As you become more comfortable with an open society, or if you’re already comfortable, you need to keep in mind that other people may be in a different place. It’s important to respect those differences.

Coach Laura Gardner explains:

Using the compassion you’ve built toward yourself for other people will help make the transition back to a more open society better for everyone.

If you are not sure how you want to approach our “new normal,” reach out to any of the TaskHuman coaches. They’re ready to help you figure out who you are now and how you want to be moving forward. Amplify your personal and professionally daily well-being by connecting with a TaskHuman Coach today!

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