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September 10, 2020

Get to Know Coach Casey Maples

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TaskHuman Coach Casey Maples wears many hats, and all of them well! She is certified in many disciplines, including yoga, massage therapy, and fitness, and has been a business owner for over 30 years.

Her depth of expertise in yoga and her guiding principle of creating partnerships with other experts to support her clients makes her an invaluable asset to the TaskHuman team.

She recently sat down with fellow TaskHuman Coach, Jamie Carroll, during our “TaskHuman Talks” video podcast series, and discussed what drives her passion.

Coach Casey believes:

  • Yoga should be accessible to all populations
  • Mentors play a huge role in developing skills
  • TaskHuman gives users and coaches a unique ability to find the right coach for any wellness area you want to improve
  • Seniors are an important part of our culture

Coach Casey manifests her key ideas in diverse and creative ways.

Here is the breakdown of some key ideas from her interview:

1. Yoga Youth Teacher Trainer (Y2T2)

Y2T2 is a training program designed for people 13-20 years old to earn their yoga teaching certificate. Coach Casey developed the classes to be in-person, but she has successfully transitioned them to an online and hybrid model during the pandemic. The program is rigorous – it includes 200 certification hours – and the young students leave ready to teach.

2. One Acre Foundation 

One Acre Foundation works to make yoga accessible to under-served populations. It recognizes that finances should not be a barrier to health and wellness routines and services. Coach Casey is developing yoga communities in inner cities, reservations, and any place where access to a yoga studio is limited.

3. Phoenix Children’s Hospital 

Coach Casey supports families and children who have been through traumatic experiences by providing them with the yoga tools to manage stress and emotions. Recovery can be supported by the calming influence of yoga and breathing, and mindfulness helps both parents and children cope with the stresses of trauma and hospital stays.

4. Working with her Mentor 

Coach Casey believes much of her development stems from finding a mentor with whom she has a deep connection. In fact, Coach Casey called her mentor, the “greatest influence on my life, just like my mother, in a completely different way.” That powerful connection leads Casey’s interactions with her own clients. She knows how much further the right support can push you.

5. TaskHuman is a Great Tool 

It’s the initial call that Coach Casey believes is one of the strongest elements of TaskHuman. You can get to know a coach pretty well in that first call, and decide if they’re a fit. If they’re not – they can probably point you in the right direction because the TaskHuman network of coaches is large and comprehensive. You can “get support for whatever it is you’re desiring to change in your life,” Coach Casey said.

6. Senior Wellness is Critical 

In her years of teaching, Coach Casey noticed that the most reliably consistent students were those who are 50 years old and older. She realized it’s not just the health and wellness aspects that are driving them, but also the social element a practice provides. She now strongly encourages her students to use the classes as a way to socialize with others, when they can meet in person, and she works to provide socialization in her online classes.

To top it off, at the end of the interview, Coach Casey also leads a short meditation to give an example of how powerful this practice can be. 

To hear firsthand what drives Coach Casey Maples, and to tune into her meditation session, listen to her interview here.

And when you’re ready, reach out to schedule your 1:1 LIVE video call with Coach Casey today!


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