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December 3, 2020

Extrovert Finds His People on TaskHuman

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The ongoing pandemic has been challenging on peoples’ social lives to say the least. We’ve forgone events and celebrations. And forget meeting new people, we haven’t even been able to see friends and family we already know!

But new TaskHuman user, Akhil Rachamadugu, discovered the app can not only help people focus on their wellness goals, but can also fulfil the need to make meaningful connections with others 

Akhil’s company, Medidata, signed on with TaskHuman to offer the app to their employees as part of their benefits package. Even though the service is free to Medidata employees, Akhil believes the value of the app is immeasurable.

Here are the 3 reasons Akhil is hooked on using TaskHuman:

1. Strong motivation

As an extrovert, not being able to meet new people during the pandemic has been difficult for Akhil. He thrives on getting to know people and working to find commonalities and connections.

After a few sessions with coaches through the app, Akhil realized that the relationships he was building with the coaches are real, and it motivated him to keep going.

“We talk about everything from fitness to stretching to how my day is going,” Akhil says.

As someone who prefers to workout first thing in the morning, it isn’t just good conversation that motivates Akhil to keep using the app.

It’s the accountability.

Knowing a specialist is waiting to coach him through a routine keeps him honest. That accountability is what is pushing Akhil toward his goals.

“The coaches have helped me get out of bed in the morning, especially when I don’t feel up to it,” he says.

TaskHuman coach understand the importance of building strong connections with their clients. Those relationships not only help the user, but the coach too. They learn more about you and are better able to help you reach your personal goals.

2. Challenging workouts

Akhil’s love of challenging workouts helped him nail down his coach preferences. He needed someone who was going to push him. After in-app messaging with several potential coaches, Akhil landed on Coach Julia Pontones and Coach Elan Andre, to have 1:1 LIVE video calls with.

Their knowledge base and ability to structure a workout gives Akhil exactly what he’s looking for. But he is a little (jokingly!) nervous about letting his colleagues in on his secret about how good his coaches are…he doesn’t want them booking up all of their time!

“I recommend them highly,” he says. “I’m a little bit selfish [about sharing who my favorite coaches are], but I really love them.”

The once-a-day workouts blossomed into more as Akhil grew to enjoy the many benefits of the app. Being able to book appointments for the future or find someone to work with immediately allows him to target specific goals or areas when time permits.

“It’s a great way to step away from the computer,” he says. “When I’ve had a little bit of downtime, I’ve been able to book a session with a stretch trainer and just work for 20 minutes a little bit away from the screen, recenter myself, and then come back to work.”

As users become more familiar with the app, its benefits become more pronounced. They find it is helpful in more areas than they originally signed on for. Users first start with one area of improvement, like fitness or nutrition. As they improve in that area, they start using the app for more, like sleep, meditation, stretching, or financial wellness.

3. Good insight

For Akhil, another benefit of the TaskHuman app is the insight it gives you about yourself. By working with dedicated, world-class coaches, you learn what you are capable of. You gain knowledge of what is “easy” for you and what is a challenge.

“It’s a phenomenal way to learn a lot about yourself and achieve your goals,” Akhil says.

TaskHuman coaches want to help you meet your goals. They know how to support where you are now, while helping you work to where you want to be.

It might feel a bit awkward to make your first video call with a TaskHuman coach, Akhil admits, but he has some tips to make it easier. His favorite is using the free in-app messaging tool to break the ice and get a feel for coaches’ personalities and styles. Once you do, you’ll feel like you’ve already gotten to know them a bit before hopping on a call.

“You get a sense that they’re there to help you,” he says.

To listen to Akhil’s full story, click here.

Finding and building meaningful relationships during the pandemic is difficult. TaskHuman helps you work towards your personal wellness goals while meeting new people. If you’re ready to upgrade your at-home workouts and make progress toward your goals, reach out to any of our coaches for a 1:1 LIVE video call today.


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