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Event Date: November 2, 2023

The TaskHuman Platform – Your Global Coaching Solution

Explore The TaskHuman Coaching Platform In Action

Discover the immersive capabilities of the TaskHuman Coaching Platform, designed for today’s evolving workplaces. Fully accessible across all devices, our platform guarantees uninterrupted connectivity and promotes a robust learning culture within your organization. Regardless of location – whether at the office, during commutes, or in remote workspaces – TaskHuman provides your employees with consistent access to an elite team of coaches, dedicated to championing your employees’ growth and development.

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Key takeaways:

1. Seamless Integration: Understand the ease when switching between devices, ensuring the user’s growth journey remains uninterrupted.

2. How it Revolutionizes Workplace Coaching: Explore how immediate access to thousands of coaches helps prioritize employees’ well-being and professional development at an unmatched scale.

3. Immediate Impact: Discover how TaskHuman can function as a seamless extension of your team, delivering solutions that instigate palpable change.

4. On-Demand Support: Delve into our real-time coaching framework that addresses diverse employee needs with a simple tap.

5. Comprehensive Coaching: Get introduced to over 1,200 skills distributed across eight crucial well-being categories.

6. A Universal Solution: Grasp how TaskHuman offers a holistic well-being approach to a global audience under a single umbrella.

7. Pricing & Cost Benefits: Learn about TaskHuman’s flexible pricing structures tailored to various organizational needs, and how it ultimately leads to significant savings in insurance, medical costs, and more, all while enhancing productivity.

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Registrants and attendees will receive complimentary 14-day of 1:1 coaching on the TaskHuman Platform, all on us! Take advantage of this opportunity to revolutionize your team’s well-being and professional growth.

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