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March 18, 2023 8 Min Read

Coach Amy Glogg Helps You Find Mind-Body Healing

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A survivor of many traumas, including not being able to walk for months, TaskHuman Coach Amy Glogg turned her experiences into a way she can help others through coaching. Her trials with—and disappointment in—western medicine pushed her toward finding alternative healing modalities, like Reiki and Emotional freedom. She improved her conditions beyond what she and her doctors thought her body was capable of , and she shares that wisdom on a recent TaskHuman Talks podcast episode. 

“I help people find themselves,” she says.

Diagnosed with several conditions and diseases in her childhood, Amy’s health continued to deteriorate as she grew. Her dependence on strong medicine increased, and she began to self-medicate. Then, after an at-home accident left her wheelchair bound for several years, she realized something had to change if she wanted to truly live a healthy lifestyle.

She taught herself self-healing—she goes into detail about this in the podcast—in a variety of processes, and when she saw how well it worked for her, she knew it was her vocation. 

Amy dove into learning as much as she could about Reiki, healing frequencies, and Emotional Freedom Techniques. 

“It’s a combination of a whole bunch of therapies thrown into one,” she explains. “It’s ancient Chinese acupressure mixed with modern psychology, energy medicine, positive self-talk.”

A large part of Amy’s healing philosophy is that you need to learn to speak your own truth. To help her clients feel safe and be able to articulate their thoughts and feelings, Amy works with:

  • Limiting beliefs
  • Self-worth
  • EFT Tapping
  • Gratitude
  • Intuition
  • Manifestation

“Manifestation is really about transforming those limiting beliefs,” Amy says.

By helping consumers voice their truths, she helps them also voice what they want their reality to be. Speaking their truth out loud acknowledges that truth. Then they feel empowered to change their realities. 

Through small steps rooted in gratitude, Amy helps users recognize they can change their lives. Being grateful for what you have means you are not waiting for a particular circumstance to make you happy.

Amy also believes your mind-body connection is critical. Her holistic view stems from what she calls the “Reiki Ideals.” 

They are: Just for today…

  • I live the attitude of gratitude.
  • I will not worry. I will trust.
  • I will not anger. I will be at peace.
  • I will do my work honestly and with compassion.
  • I will be kind to all living things, including myself.

The way we treat our bodies says something about how we treat our minds and that they tend to be similar. If you are willing to do the work for one, you are often willing to do the work for the other. Taking care of your body through physical activity and nutrition says you care about yourself. 

“Take care of yourself,” Amy says. “You only get one body.”

Want to hear more on mind-body connection with Amy? Click here to tune in to the entire conversation! 


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