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May 27, 2020

6 Tips To Strengthen Your Mind (and a Bonus!)


May is Mental Health Awareness month. But really, mental wellness should be practiced and prioritized year-round.

And while there are many classified forms of mental disorders, even people without a diagnosis benefit from good mental wellness hygiene, allowing them to live a full and happy life.

It turns out that people can improve their mental wellness through their physical and mind-related practices.

But working to improve your mental-strengthening skills is easier and clearer with a professional coach by your side. TaskHuman coaches are well-versed in serving mental wellness needs through both physical and mindset techniques, and are here to support you on your journey. 

TaskHuman coaches share some of their favorite steps for improving mental wellness, using both physical and mindset approaches.

If you want physical support:

1. Good Sleep 

When you’re feeling on-edge or anxious, one of the most overlooked causes is lack of sleep. Yet sleep deprivation is real, and has serious consequences for your mental wellness. TaskHuman coaches understand the need for plentiful, restorative sleep. And many can fine-tune your habits to help you get there for good.

Listen as Coach Jennifer Aguilar explains: 

Sleep’s benefits should be the first area people look to when they feel out-of-sorts or not themselves. Yes, this is your permission to take that afternoon nap!

2. Good Nutrition 

If sleep is primary, then nutrition is a close second. 

It isn’t just about limiting sugar intake, although that is important. It’s about seeing food as medicine

TaskHuman coaches know that fueling your body with quality food will replenish your resources and can keep vitamin- and hormone-levels steady, which in turn can improve mood, energy, and brain function. 

Coach Bobbie Rasmussen knows exactly how important nutrition is:

Eating nutrient-dense foods most of the time and “treat” foods occasionally can work to support your overall mental wellness.

3. Good Breathing 

Breathing is something people do without thinking, and yet so often, people do it poorly. From hunched-over-the-computer posture to limited movement during the day, people rarely take full, deep, cleansing breaths. 

Yet the power of breathing is unmistakable. 

Many TaskHuman coaches integrate breath work into their practice, so you can learn how to use this tool in your day-to-day. 

Listen as Coach Carol Piro explains how she masters breath work.

Your body is a powerful tool for supporting your mental wellness.

If you need mindset support:

1. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs 

Setting a goal – large or small – asks people to change the way they think. To be successful, you need to shift your thoughts and habits. 

But people often run into limiting beliefs, or thoughts about themselves that hinder what is possible. And those beliefs keep pushing the goal further away. To make it worse, people can’t often pinpoint what their limiting beliefs are, or where they’re coming from. 

That’s where a talented coach is invaluable. 

Listen as Coach Jackie Van der Velde explains: 

Identifying which ingrained beliefs give you difficulty can go a long way to making your goal reachable.

2. Setting a Clear Goal

Another way people sabotage their success is by not having a clear goal.

For example, someone could have a goal “to lose weight.” It’s a goal, yes, but it’s vague. Losing ½ a pound is losing weight, but most people would not see that as a success. But if you set a goal to “losing 15 pounds,” then you know the exact moment to reach your goal.

A professional coach can push you to define your goal – what you really want to accomplish or how you really want your life to look like. And TaskHuman coaches are ready to help.

Coach Rodolfo Young describes how he helps his clients find their goal:

Having an actionable plan to reach your goal is a tested and proven way of ensuring you take the necessary steps to get there.

3. Managing Your Mind

A third way people get in their own way is through their thoughts. Learning to “manage your mind” is a skill that lets you understand your own thinking (meta, isn’t it?) and get to the “root” of an issue.

Listen as Coach Stephanie Meriaux explains:

Tapping into your brain power and using it as a tool will help you learn to support your own mental wellbeing.

But sometimes we need to work on both the physical and mental at the same time. TaskHuman coaches can support you there too.

Bonus Tip!

When you see the interconnectedness of your mind and your body, you can learn to use one area to leverage the other for greater gains.

Coach Maya Carl explains why balance is important:

You need to work to have your body and your mind pushing toward the same goal – if you want to be calmer, maybe MMA-style workouts aren’t for you.

The work of combining the two areas can increase your self-knowledge.

Listen as Coach Laurie Angress explains:

Self-knowledge is power, and everyone could use more control over themselves.

Learning to make your mental wellness a priority is important. It can help you overcome your fears, improve your relationships, and reach your life goals.

If you’re ready to begin your mental wellness journey, schedule a 1:1 live video call with a TaskHuman coach today.


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